48hr rule

48hr rule

Success often lives in the land of failure. Yes often lives in the land of no.


In several recent coaching sessions with senior leaders, I’ve shared the 48hr rule. That is, to treat success and failure the same.


💥 If you experience a win, a success, GREAT! Give yourself 48hrs to celebrate, ride that high or give props. After that, it’s time to get back to work!

💥 If you experience a loss, a failure, GREAT! Give yourself 48hrs to feel the emotions, unpack what happened, talk through the mistakes, feel lousy if you need to. After that, it’s time get back to work!

Remember, I’m here to share A WAY, not THE WAY.


The 48hr rule is A WAY to help manage the EMOTIONS associated with success and failure. If we’re able to better manager the extreme emotional highs and lows that often come with a win or loss, we’re then able to think through next steps that much quicker.


Taking a page from emotional intelligence, if we can keep our emotional side of the brain in control, we can bring our logical side of the brain online much faster.


This becomes CRITICAL when there are other projects, deadlines or accomplishments you need to focus on. Not just the one where you experienced the win or loss. Because you have too much at stake and too much going on not to keep pushing forward. Then the focus turns to evolution and growth. What can I improve on or what can I do differently.


Next time you go through a success or failure … celebrate or feel crappy – you have 48hrs. After that, let’s get back at it!


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