Two, two and six: Leadership lessons on the road

Two, two and six: Leadership lessons on the road

Two different team trainings. Two different days. Six hours of driving.


One of those teams were my good ol’ friends at Town of Caledon and the other, my new friends as Hastings County Clerks and Treasures Association. And oh boy were these sessions great or what.


As I drove into Town Hall in Caledon, I couldn’t help but feel mixed emotions. It wasn’t too long ago I was working FT at the Town as a Communications Advisor. And now, I get to serve and support some leaders and staff – 60 of them!


WHAT? YUP – 60!



And my new friends at Hastings County Clerks and Treasures Association – a small intimate group. This allowed us to go slightly deeper on some conversations, which turned out to be very powerful. Plus they bought me lunch – my own personal-sized vegetarian lasagna.





Leadership lessons

One of the things we talked about were different pillars of leadership. For example, vulnerable leadership, servant leadership and equitable leadership. More could be identified, but we focused on these.


Here are some questions I shared with both teams to prompt discussion. I offer these in hopes of encouraging thinking and conversation:



A servant leader prioritizes serving the needs of their team and organization over their own interests. They demonstrate empathy, humility, and a commitment to supporting and empowering others to succeed.

💥 How do/can you prioritize the needs and development of your team members in your leadership approach?



An equitable leader is committed to creating a fair and inclusive workplace where all individuals have equal opportunities to succeed. They promote diversity, equity, and inclusion by addressing biases, removing barriers to advancement, and championing diversity of thought and perspective.

💥 How do you ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are integrated into your leadership practice?



A vulnerable leader recognizes the importance of vulnerability in building authentic relationships and fostering open communication. They are willing to admit their mistakes, share their struggles, and seek feedback from others.

💥 How do/can you demonstrate vulnerability as a leader, and why do you believe it is important in building trust and fostering open communication?


If you’re up for it, please share one of  your answers.



When asked, “What part of today’s training was most helpful?”, here’s what some people shared:


Organizing and taking the time to assess my core values was a great mindful exercise. Learning that our core values determine how we act in our daily lives at home but also at work – as a leader. I want to use this and reflect more often so I can practice and become the person/leader I envvision myself being.


How your childhood growth shapes your leadership qualities.


the 10/80/10 rule and the W.I.N method was very helpful and insightful. I will use it during my program assessments and dealing with new programs.


Looking at leadership from another perspective, focus on own core values vs. just tips / techniques to being a good leader.


It’s a privilege and a pleasure to serve and support organizations, teams and leaders!




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