Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

My name is Parm Chohan and I’ve had the pleasure of working as a communications advisor/strategist for various companies over the years. Sectors I’ve worked in include non-profit, private, public and agency. I’ve learned from front-line staff all the way to senior leadership and CEOs. I’ve also been a community leader for most of my life. 

My career hasn’t been smooth sailing. It’s been up and down, periods of unemployment, contracts finishing early, being let go as part of a company re-org (you know how that goes…) and more. But from all that I’ve gone through, I’ve learned to be resilient, have grit, keep going and to never stop moving forward. Because giving up is never an option! 

Regardless of where I’ve been, how long for or the circumstances, I’ve always brought energy, strategic thinking and tactical implementation to achieve results. And not only that, I’ve always had the ability to communicate, connect and break down complex problems while developing pragmatic solutions.

From what I’ve learned throughout my career and life experiences, and as a Maxwell Leadership-certified Team Member and a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, I’m excited to walk beside you … helping bring out the next version of you and your team through personal and professional leadership development. Think of me as change agent.

I’m a communications guy

Whether it was the post-graduate Public Relations certificate program at Humber College, or the Master of Communications Management program at McMaster-Syracuse, what I’ve learned is to keep things practical and simple.

My approach is based on just that – being practical and simple. Everybody should be able to learn and apply personal and professional leadership qualities.

Now, let’s conquer your potential!

Wondering about me personally?

I come from a family of four – my parents and younger brother. I’m happily married and live north of Toronto, Canada,

When I’m not neck-deep in meetings, training programs, coaching sessions or financial education workshops, I enjoy hitting the gym and roughing it in the world of combat training and martial arts.

I’m grateful to still be able to volunteer in the community which keeps me grounded and focused on serving others.

Ideas. Solutions. Results.

Over the years, including throughout my communications career, I’ve been able to work, partner and collaborate with a number of groups and organizations in various capacities.