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The CNQR approach to leadership training, team building and professional development is a customizable six, eight or 10 week program. Think of it as a leadership development roundtable. This is a powerful model because it balances teaching/lessons on the subject matter and participant interaction and introspection. It also emphasizes team synergy, reflective practice and collaborative learning.

The latter will happen through facilitated group discussion, powerful personal reflection and actionable homework. That’s right, homework. This will allow you to practice what’s being discussed in each session.

Progress happens through the process. For the most part, content isn’t a problem these days. In fact, wouldn’t you agree that we’re in an information overload era right now?

Content isn’t the problem – it’s applying the lessons from the content. That’s what this program will do – help you apply leadership and growth principles. Because progress happens through the process.

Corporate and group programs are based on a mastermind group model that involves learning concepts, applying what you learn and discussing the wins and challenges. This is an extremely powerful learning model as it raises the collective growth, accountability and productivity of all participants and the entire group.

Imagine the change that can happen when like-minded people get together and focus on becoming the next version of themselves? Think about what progress and accountability looks like in a group of aspiring and established leaders? What would that mean to your internal culture, customer or clients? Maybe you don’t know the answer and that’s ok.

Dive into a learning experience that goes beyond the norm, where team development isn’t just a buzzword but a journey of professional networking opportunities and the establishment of a positive workplace culture. Dare to find out what the next level of leadership can bring to your organization!

Corporate and group training program objectives:

Teach leadership development and growth strategies

Allow for introspection and interaction

Uncover leadership qualities

Program topics include, but are not limited to:

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Developing the Leader Within

15 Laws of Growth


And more


Strengths-based team development

CliftonStrengths provides a language for your team to use as they explore each other’s talents, strengths, needs, motivations and contributions. This leads to positive and constructive dialogue, creating a pathway for deeper connection and understanding.

When your team members know and appreciate each other’s strengths they’ll relate to one another more effectively. This helps avoid silos in the workplace, reduce potential conflicts and increase collaboration.

Strengths-based team development immediately changes conversations amongst your people. It creates more positive dialogue and boosts your team’s overall engagement and performance.

The CNQR approach to strengths-based team development is to facilitate group training where participants will unpack their strengths profile with a Gallup-certified strengths coach. Combined with interactive team discussion and activities, your people will recognize their talents and identify ways to build them into strengths.

This will create a strengths-based team where each member will understand how each person likely thinks, acts and feels. The awareness your people will possess then further helps build effective partnerships and navigate the issues that all teams encounter.

Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity

Teams that receive strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability

Employees that focus on using their strengths are 6x as likely to be engaged in their jobs


The objectives of strengths-based team development are:

Influence your behaviours, activities and relationships to optimize your performance.

Build talents into strengths and leverage them to manage weaknesses

Strengthen relationships with team members and leaders


Engaging and energetic public speaking

Whether it’s a keynote address, half-day or full-day workshops, or offering closing remarks, it’s about maximizing the potential to add value to any audience. Not only that, it’s about speaking in a way and delivering a message that will have a lasting effect – moving people towards action.

I’m certain that I will deliver an experience which will challenge you, allow you to be honest with yourself, help draw out your inspiration, teach you and maybe make you smile and laugh.

The objectives of any speaking engagement are:

Relate with the audience on a personal level

Add value through story-telling and teaching moments

Provide actionable takeaways


Leadership Game

The Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to help you and your team better understand core leadership principles and values.

Think of it as a self and group SWOT analysis.

Through this assessment tool, any group or team will raise their leadership awareness and be introduced to timeless leadership principles that will bring about positive change through communication and connection!

The objectives of the Leadership Game are:

Raise leadership awareness

Build team collaboration and morale

Edify one another



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My first five-figure day

I’ve been working with Parm for the last several months. In a recent coaching session we were discussing an idea I had of hosting a live event with world-class speakers simulcast in. I was hesitant because I was not interested in an event where people just came, took a bunch of notes, and then left without engaging or building community. I wanted more of a workshop style feel but did not know how to create it. The questions Parm asked helped me think deeper into my limiting beliefs than I could have on my own. He brought me to a new level of awareness and helped me visualize the perfect event. That thirty minute session paid for itself 100 times over. Because of that conversation I reached a career first five-figure day!  
By Payne Schoen, Leadership Trainer & Coach, Payne Schoen Consulting

I’m becoming the leader I knew I could be

Before the coaching relationship with Parm, I felt very unsure of myself and lacked the confidence that I thought a Chief Operating Officer should have. Because of Parm’s coaching program I’m much more confident in my ability to communicate and connect with my staff, clients and partners. I’ve been told that I’m more approachable and transparent. And I’ve noticed much less anxiety which allows me to sleep much better at night. Most importantly, I’m becoming the leader I knew I could be! Parm is the type of coach that is non-judgmental, will openly listen and hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself.

By Harjit Chana, Chief Operating Officer, AMFT Tech Incorporated

Fresh, modern style to leadership training

Parm helped us as participants discover how to turn a challenging situation into a positive one and a learning experience. He did this through a reflective step-by-step exercise.  Parm brings a fresh, modern style to leadership training. His easy conversational approach lends to participants opening up and getting the most out of his training program.

By Sandra Sharpe, CMM III, Manager, Mayor & Council Office, Town of Caledon

Any organization will benefit

I had the opportunity to attend one of Parm’s leadership webinars. He was able to create an environment for open dialogue and sharing of information while at the same time providing teaching moments. Parm touched on a few topics such as how to connect with employees and what leadership means but the one thing that I took away is what he calls the Reflection Starter Kit. This is a way for anyone to develop as a leader. Any organization will benefit from Parm’s leadership training programs. It will not only help enhance and strengthen workplace culture and morale because employees will be connecting with each other but it will also help develop future leaders.

By Gurpreet Dhaliwal, Branch Manager, TD Bank

Absolutely refreshing

I attended Parm’s session on self-development and it was absolutely refreshing. While I’ve attended other seminars on the same topic, I found Parm’s session most useful, practical and easy to follow. The ideas and tips that he shared are real, practical and simple, and create a huge difference. I particularly liked his approach of ‘three way to connect’ and how it can influence the people around you. If you are looking for a practical hands-on training in self-development, Parm’s your guy!

By Sangeeta Sundaresan, Communication Specialist, Region of Peel