A new self identity through coaching

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The CQ.M approach to coaching is to have a series of intentional conversations that empower you to gain clarity and create an action plan for what you want to achieve. 

These can be goals in your career, family, community, or all areas. Because ultimately, we’re working with you, as a whole person. That’s because everything we do is connected. Your work life is connected to your home responsibilities which is connected to your community identity. 

Do you want to accomplish your career goals? Do you want to live an intentional life? Do you want to restore community identity? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this  coaching program is for you. Keep in mind, the new you will take time to emerge, and I’ll be right by your side as that happens.

The objectives of the coaching program are:

Create greater conscious awareness

Increase responsibility

Develop accountability



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Fresh, modern style to leadership training

Parm helped us as participants discover how to turn a challenging situation into a positive one and a learning experience. He did this through a reflective step-by-step exercise.  Parm brings a fresh, modern style to leadership training. His easy conversational approach lends to participants opening up and getting the most out of his training program.

By Sandra Sharpe, CMM III, Manager, Mayor & Council Office, Town of Caledon

Any organization will benefit

I had the opportunity to attend one of Parm’s leadership webinars. He was able to create an environment for open dialogue and sharing of information while at the same time providing teaching moments. Parm touched on a few topics such as how to connect with employees and what leadership means but the one thing that I took away is what he calls the Reflection Starter Kit. This is a way for anyone to develop as a leader. Any organization will benefit from Parm’s leadership training programs. It will not only help enhance and strengthen workplace culture and morale because employees will be connecting with each other but it will also help develop future leaders.

By Gurpreet Dhaliwal, Branch Manager, TD Bank

Absolutely refreshing

I attended Parm’s session on self-development and it was absolutely refreshing. While I’ve attended other seminars on the same topic, I found Parm’s session most useful, practical and easy to follow. The ideas and tips that he shared are real, practical and simple, and create a huge difference. I particularly liked his approach of ‘three way to connect’ and how it can influence the people around you. If you are looking for a practical hands-on training in self-development, Parm’s your guy!

By Sangeeta Sundaresan, Communication Specialist, Region of Peel