Can't connect with people? How will you lead them?

Get your FREE copy of the Leadership Formula and learn how you can better connect with co-workers, teams and senior leadership. This will break down silos in the workplace, increase collaboration among teams and improve internal culture. You'll also receive weekly leadership and financial education lessons.


I help entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders like you to apply leadership, growth and financial education principles. This will transform your leadership potential, impact your bottom line and improve your relationship with money in weeks, not months or years.

And it all starts with being able to better communicate and connect.

Why CQ.M?

Practical leadership and growth principles will create the change you’re looking for in yourself, your community and your career.

Because everything rises and falls on leadership. And we're all leaders in some way.

Change is not an event. It happens through 'the process'. I'm here to work with you to help you achieve personal and professional results.

Become your own money manager. Let's not make debt a way of life, and let's stop the cycle of "just getting by".

Ask me about some complimentary offerings including a coaching session, a corporate training workshop or financial education classes.

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