LG goes virtual

LG goes virtual

Who got to facilitate a virtual Leadership Game for 11 municipal government leaders last month?





The Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to help you and your team better understand core leadership principles and values. Think of it as a self and group SWOT analysis. Check out Leadership Game Testimonials.


I swear, the work I do in leader development, team engagement and coaching seems to get funner. That’s not a word, but we’re making it one 😁.


At least 50% of participants from Renfrew County Clerks & Treasurers Association (RCCTA), rated their experience as 10/10, with several saying “That didn’t feel like 2.5hrs … I hope the other groups had as much fun as ours did … What was most helpful was the structured engagement with peers and colleagues.”


As with most trainings, I offer a Playbook which is a summary of insights and action items coming from participants in the session. In the spirit of sharing, here are some highlights from the Playbook I presented to RCCTA. Maybe there’s something here for you to take if it makes sense, and leave what doesn’t:


💥 Being an ambassador for the organization both within the workplace and in the community is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation and attracting top talent.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Establish guidelines and expectations for employees to represent the organization positively in both internal and external interactions. This is to be communicated/shared when someone joins the organization.


💥 Communicating the big picture vision and quality expectations is essential for organizational success.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Create a roadmap outlining the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. Outline quality expectations for each working group (medium-long term workplan)


💥 Leadership sets the tone for workplace culture and behavior.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Clarify guidelines and expectations through organization-wide guiding principles and clear job descriptions.


💥 Specific and timely communication about performance fosters a positive work environment and builds trust.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Encourage regular performance reviews for feedback and discussion on topics such as, but not limited to workplans, workload, challenges, opportunities for training, new duties.


Resource of the week

This podcast episode (Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques) is all about communication tips and tricks. I had listened to this a while back and saved it because there were a lot of takeways. Very tactical.

LISTEN HERE: 10 Communication Takeaways.




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