Youth leadership insights

Youth leadership insights

A few weeks ago I had  the pleasure of serving a group of young aspiring leaders at the Sikh Youth Leadership InstituteWorld Sikh Organization initiative.


Anytime there’s a combination of leader development and faith – that’s the sweet spot! That’s my jam!



We went through a values exploration exercise where participants unpacked and discussed their core values. We then turned our attention to leadership – what leadership is, the importance of vision, who a leader is. The takeaway of the whole session was for each person to create a draft of their own leadership vision statement.


This comment in the feedback form – this is why I do what I do:


I’m taking away one slide I saw where it talked about communication and valuing the conversation/interaction and I think I need to practice that. This may have just changed the communication game for me.


Leader amongst leaders

I’ve facilitated this content a lot. The discussions and questions coming out of this group were next level! One of the questions that came up: How do you identify a leader amongst other leaders?


Many group members talked through why/why not a single leader in a group of leaders is needed. One of the reasons is because decision by committee doesn’t always work. And sometimes even a group of leaders need support on landing decisions.


Not because they’re not capable. Quite the opposite. Because they’ll likely have different and lots of opinions.


There may be some scenarios where appointing a single leader isn’t the best option. In these types of situations, perhaps the shift to a “decision owner” is the best approach. This doesn’t mean that the individual selected makes the decision, but rather encourages ideas, generates discussion and facilitates the decision making process.


Of course there are many nuances involved in this, but, selecting a “decision owner” is A WAY, not THE WAY, but a way of ensuring decisions are made in a timely manner amongst a group of leaders.




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