Your relationship to change

Your relationship to change

Coming out of a coaching conversation with a senior leader in healthcare …



Whether you’re a leader at work or within your family, change is constant. What we need to do is build a framework to help manage that change.


Perhaps that framework is a set of core values. Your values drive every action you take such as how much money you save, how often you exercise or what movies/TV shows you watch. Some of your core values may have even been passed down to you by your family and you’ve simply adopted them without second thought.


What are five core values that govern how you live and lead?


Perhaps that framework is being much more aware of your talents and transforming them into your strengths. Your talents come so naturally to you and because you likely take them for granted, you’re probably not fully aware of how to use them to their maximum potential. The more you use your talents with intention, the better you understand them. And when you truly understand and develop your talents, you’ll turn them into strengths.


Afterall, T x I = S …  Talent x Investment = Strength.


Pick one framework, values or strengths, and use that to help build parameters to better manage change.


Or better yet, call me … 😁… and I’ll share how you can use values and strengths to fuel your personal and professional leadership.


Either way, being aware of and operating from your values or strengths can exponentially help you CONQUER YOUR POTENTIAL!


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