What’s your superpower?

What’s your superpower?

With Halloween over, how many of you overdosed on candy this week? How many of you stole some of your kids’ candy? 😉


In other news…


We all have superpowers. What’s yours?


Maybe you’re really good at creating spreadsheets and tracking data. Perhaps you’re a pro in the garden and when it comes to gardening. What if you’re amazing at rounding with your staff and helping clear obstacles so that they can perform at an optimal level. Or you could be great at fixing things around the house.


Whatever your superpower, how can you use it to add (more) value to others?


Your superpowers, or your strengths, aren’t just for you. They’re for you to use and add value to your life AND that of others.


Here’s the three-step plan:

  1. Identify your superpower(s)*
  2. List out all the ways you can add value to others by using your superpowers(s)
  3. Go out and serve

* If you need help identifying your superpower(s), let me know. We will work on values and/or strengths – game changers!


💥 This is how we build each other up.
💥 This is how we restore community identity.
💥 This is how we change the world!


We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for. So let’s get to it. No one else is gonna do it for us!


CONQUER your superpowers!

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