We all have a stutter

We all have a stutter

I had the chance to meet Joze Piranian after he delivered a powerful talk. Joze has a stutter, and he’s bad ass because of it!


His core message was that we all have a stutter. Meaning we all have something that we perceive is holding us back. Holding us back from bigger impact, greater influence or more income. A large part of this hold back is judgement. What are others going to think or say about me?

When I first start working with teams or individuals, I often talk about an invisible “Terror Barrier.” This shows up for all of us. We’re often faced with this terror barrier many times and either run away or start to chip away at it. On the other side is the next best version of you.


This is what Joze has done. He’s broken through his terror barrier, his stutter – what he perceived at one point to be holding him back. He’s stepped into the next best version of himself and is inspiring people all around the world.


Terror Shmerror – bahhhh

What’s your stutter? What’s your perceived hold back? What’s one thing that scares you, that you know you should and need to do?


Let me guess, it’s likely related to faith, finance, fitness, fun, family, work/business?


👉🏽 Looking to build more influence with your team? Trying to scale your small business to $500k? Want to create more intentional family time? Need to shed 20lbs and feel great?


What’s one step you can take towards breaking through that terror barrier? Do that thing today! Take out the emotions and do that thing today! (please make sure it’s legal and appropriate 😜).


Just like Joze CONQUERED his fear, let’s continue to CONQUER ours!



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