Unlock your sales potential

Unlock your sales potential

The least and most I’ve spoken ever!


I recently had the pleasure of being featured on a podcast with Nicole from Prospect2Win. It was a short 15-min chat, by design, and holy smokes we covered a lot!

Here’s some of what we discussed:

     💥 What makes a great leader in business?

     💥 How does personal development relate to effective sales?

     💥 What inspires you to do what you do?


Something to think about – how does personal development relate to effective sales? One answer is competence, confidence and certainty.


A tool to support building competence, confidence and certainty in sales is the Clifton Strengths for Sales report.


This is a specific report for sales professionals to help enhance and optimize their performance. It focuses on identifying and leveraging individuals’ unique strengths and talents to:

     1️⃣ improve their sales skills

     2️⃣ build better relationships with clients

     3️⃣ sustain more impactful sales outcomes


This is because by doing the assessment, reviewing your report and have a Strengths-based coaching session, you’re able to identify benefits and drawbacks of each strength. This can drastically improve your communication, influence, relationship building, problem-solving, and adaptability.


Clifton Strengths for Sales 🟰 competence, confidence and certainty in your sales activities!




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