The MacCast

The MacCast

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Karen McQuigge, Director, Alumni Engagement, McMaster Alumni Association.

She created a safe and open space for me to share more about my educational and career experience. Some of what we discussed included:

  • Wanting to drop out of university in my first year.
  • Changing majors from computer science, business/HR, public relations/communications to what I do now, leader development, team building and coaching.
  • Getting married, laid off, being accepted into a master’s program, three family weddings during the time of my master’s, breaking my hand because of bad martial arts accident in my last semester, and STILL finishing on time! PHEW!  

It’s not always easy opening up about my journey, but it’s a pleasure to share this conversation with you.


💥 In the spirit of learning from each other, I’d love to hear about any insights coming up as you listen. What’s at least one insight and how can you apply that to your life/career?


In turn, you sharing back allows me to learn from you!


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