The magic f-word

The magic f-word

Are you going to be fun?

This is a question one participant asked before I started facilitating to a group of professors of the Faculty of Media & Creative Arts at Humber College.

First, let me answer with HELL YEAH I’m going to be fun. Second, in any facilitation and coaching experience I lead, I do my absolute best to tie in the magic f-word – FUN! ā€¦ šŸ˜œ

As we started the session, I asked everyone to share something interesting about themselves. Or something interesting they’ve recently experienced.

Answers varied and included:

  • Making my own Kombucha
  • Cooking my own gourmet pizza
  • Something about nuclear fusion that I didn’t understand but sounded super impressive 

I mention this because each of us has at least one thing that makes us interesting to others. Please don’t dismiss something that seems “ordinary” to you or in your world.


Here are some insights that came out of the session. These insights come from participants as they were in the session and me, as I stood back watching the experience unfold:

  • Knowing your values is the blueprint and foundation
  • Identifying your core values is an invitation to look at your life as either a dichotomy or holistically – perhaps a blend of both?
  • Even if you’re already clear on your own core values, knowing the values of others you spend time with can help you better understand them
  • Often people get emotional when talking about values because we’re getting to the person behind the position. This work only works when we trust ourselves to get messy. (With this group, at least one person got emotional and teared up.) 

I encourage you all to keep in mind that no matter what your profession or title ā€¦ whether you’re in a large family or small ā€¦ ultimately we’re people doing people work. We’re all in the people business. And we’re all a pile of hot mess trying to figure it out. Some people’s mess might be larger/smaller.

It was an absolute pleasure to serve this team of very talented and highly interesting professors!


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