The Axe Man

The Axe Man

Axe throwing and personal/professional leadership – what’s the connection?
💥 Slow down to speed up
💥 Progress over pace
💥 Technique over intensity
💥 Action over perfection
Let me explain…
Last weekend my Dad, little bro and I went axe throwing. To start, I think my Dad’s been skipping work to secretly practice his axe throwing, because my God was he good. Four bullseyes in a row! … WHAT? YUP!

Moving on…
It’s not about how hard you throw the axe, which took me a while to learn. My brother got it faster than I did. I had to pull back my Hulk-mode thinking and use technique instead.
It’s not about the power behind your throw, but the focus, intention and technique. More often I found, the less I was trying to smash the axe through the wall, the more bullseyes I hit. After each throw, I then adjusted my positioning, stance, how I threw the axe, when I let go, what the follow-through was, as needed. To reflect and correct.
 So what Parm – you the next Avenger now or something?
Isn’t the same true for personal growth and professional development? With personal and professional leadership?
It’s not about trying to do everything all at once to accomplish your goals. But breaking those down in to smaller action items and taking baby steps.

It’s not about trying something once and if it doesn’t working then giving up. But being able to reflect & correct as needed, so that when you try again you’re different. You’ve learned what NOT to do.
It’s not about demanding feedback from your entire department at your Town Hall and shouting as loud as you can. But having smaller discussions with teams or individuals so that you can hear them speak.
It’s not about shiny new objects and toys. But keeping a singular focus.
You read it last week: Successful people do daily what ordinary people to occasionally.
💥 What can you do DAILY that will move you closer to the next best version of yourself?
💥 What can you do DAILY that will shift you towards being a better leader for your family, community or people at work?
💥 What adjustments do you need to make to break through personal and professional barriers? How can you reflect & correct?
Slow down to speed up. Progress over pace. Technique over intensity. Action over perfection.
Now go and do it – CONQUER your daily goals!
And, if the world is ever taken over by a zombie apocalypse, you need to find the three of us. Because after this axe throwing session, we’re qualified to be the last line of defence for the human race. Call us when we hit DEFCON 1. 😏😁.




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