Sunday morning plans

Sunday morning plans

I shared with you my Friday night plans a few weeks ago. I’d like to also share my juicy Sunday morning plans 😉.


The other week I had the privilege of serving leaders all the way in Vietnam! YUP! I’m now the ‘International Man of Training’, not to be mistaken with ‘The International Man of Mystery’ … 😏.


Because of the time difference, my biggest fear was getting timing wrong. It was also one of those “butterflies in the stomach the night before” experiences simply because I was pumped and excited.

House of Leaders is a group of Vietnamese leaders in various professions and industries including higher education, engineering, economics and more. They meet weekly to discuss various leadership development principles and on this particular week I had the pleasure of walking them through some key leadership concepts.


The highlight … one of the questions after I had finished the training … “Mr. Parm, when are you coming back?”


Because of the success of this workshop, I’ve been invited to facilitate a personal growth session for young Vietnamese students.


I’m incredibly grateful to do what I do – it’s an honour and privilege. This work has the potential to change the trajectory of careers and lives – i’m seeing this first hand with the people I’m currently working with!


Here’s one of the things we discussed …


What questions do I ask myself as a leader?

Leaders are very self-aware – or they ought to be. Some aren’t. That’s a topic for another day.


One of the ways to develop self-awareness is to ask yourself questions regularly. Here are some to consider:


Am I:

  • investing in myself?
  • genuinely interested in others?
  • grounded as a leader?
  • adding value to my team?
  • staying in my strength zone?
  • taking care of today?
  • investing my time with the right people? 

If considering questions from this list, what might help is thinking about which of these would give you the highest return if you started asking them right now?


Or are there other questions you can ask yourself? Perhaps it’s the WIN Method … remember that ol’ framework? It’s still solid!


Once you’ve identified the two or three questions to ask yourself, think about the frequency. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? How about quarterly – should those questions be different?


And as always, CONQUER your potential!


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