So many lies

So many lies

A few weeks ago I encouraged a group of healthcare leaders to lie! Can you believe that?


Two strengths and a lie that is – a team building and ice breaker exercise. And what a way to kick off a full day of training and development for this high performing group than to talk about their Clifton Strengths results.


We then turned our attention to values, mission and vision.


Through a specific and facilitated process, the team was able to identify some of their core values, and developed mission and vision statement options. They now have the important task of progressing this work and landing on an evolved set of values and mission and vision statements. And this group is definitely up to the challenge!


A powerful moment happened when someone asked about doing the values exercise for themselves. My reply was “HELL YEAH“. And to add, consider doing a values exploration exercise with your family – see how conversations around the dinner table change!


The SWOT Analysis we then started as a group flowed so much more naturally.


Some feedback I was humbled to receive. It’s a privilege to do the work I do:

🙏🏽 Parm, you are a top notch team facilitator. You created a safe space for discussion, and allowed us to embrace our strengths, while understanding where our threats may be as a team. Thank you thank you thank you!

🙏🏽 Parm, you have a natural ability to guide conversations, break the ice and really get people working together!


Here’s what I noticed and learned:

1️⃣ Positive, progressive and dynamic team culture is PRICELESS – without this, there is no high-performing team. The secret ingredient is psychological safety.

2️⃣ A high-performing team is comprised of high performing members – Clifton Strengths report and coaching helps identify how you can optimize your performance as an individual and as a team.

3️⃣ Values, mission and vision work is the heart and soul of what you do – this is the anchor or the north star so that you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and where you’re headed. More importantly, these are the three pillars you can lean on the days that you’re absolutely exhausted and feel like you don’t give a damn anymore!


What now?

💥 Get clear on your strengths, their benefits and drawbacks.

💥 Identify your core values.

💥 Use strengths and values to create further psychological safety in your teams and family.




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