So I talked to the director the other day…

So I talked to the director the other day…

So I talked to the director today…


This is how “Mr. T” started off his text the other day – he’s in a coaching program with me. Not THAT Mr. T – can you imagine though? I PITY THE FOOL WHO DOESN’T INVEST IN COACHING!


Mr. T is what we’ll refer to him as, to protect his identity.


The success he recently experienced is due to months of hard work. Some wins, some losses and lessons. But inch by inch, day by day, he’s been leveling up in his personal excellence and professional growth!


So much so, the director asked him to write the job description for his new position! WHAT? YUP!



Here’s the framework he followed to help him up-level in his personal life and work:

💥 Values exploration
💥 Gallup Strengths assessment and coaching
💥 Deep goal setting through the lens of his values and aligning to his strengths
💥 Design his Best Year Ever
💥 Execute, measure results, course correct, repeat!   

A friendly reminder that when you think you’re done, can’t grow anymore … or when you put in the work and force growth, the result is you being able to CONQUER YOUR POTENTIAL!


Coaching is the best personal growth and professional development tool on the planet. If not me, get with a coach who can serve you powerfully. I would prefer if you call me 😁.


Do you know someone looking to up-level in their personal growth, leader development or team engagement? I’d love to learn more about them. Let’s talk!




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