ROV: Return on Values

ROV: Return on Values

Saturday morning + Coffee + talking about leader development, team engagement and coaching = not a bid kick-off to the weekend.


I had a blast speaking with Doreen and Sandra recently. They host a weekly LinkedIn live session, “CRAFT YOUR PATHWAY TO SUCCESS”, talking about different topics related to personal growth, professional development and more!


I was asked to talk about values, as it relates to personal values exploration perspective and organizational values. Here are two ways to listen to the entire episode with some audience Q/A (55min).


Check out the full podcast for where I talk about why a Leadership Vision Statement is important – not for when things are good, but for when you don’t give sh*t anymore!



One of the things I talked about is an exercise/process for personal values exploration. It includes identifying your core, aspirational and non-values.


The other thing was talking through Return on Values. This includes:

  1. Alignment with Organizational Goals
  2. Increased Employee Engagement
  3. Improved Communication and Collaboration 

Let’s focus on one of these: Alignment with Organizational Goals.


Here’s my take.


Values are deeply connected to the achievement of organizational goals. Team members who operate in alignment with the organization’s values contribute to a stronger, more focused pursuit of strategic objectives. When your team members can see their values reflected in the organization’s values, and vice versa, there’s a greater chance they’ll feel that much more connected to their work


Why is this important? It impacts performance


Check out the full podcast for the example I share from a mission, vision, values workshop I facilitated. The entire room went silent!




How do you tie in values into the work you do?




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