React vs Respond

React vs Respond

First of all, don’t let the smile fool you – it’s FAKE … 😏.


I was smiling on the outside, but was a grumpy ‘ol man on the inside. I did not enjoy clearing the snow!



Now that we have that out of the way, let’s continue shall we?


A couple of snow falls ago, I looked out of the window around 6:30am and realized how much snow we had.


I had a decision to make.


I could have reacted in that moment and went running outside to clear the snow. That would have caused me to be late for my first coaching session of the day. Plus I would have had snow all up in my beard, looking like BROWN SANTA CLAUS. Nobody needs to see that 🤣!


Instead, I responded.


I responded by thinking through the impact of me cleaning the snow at the end of the day instead. This meant I would first need to clear a small path for any deliveries coming to the house that day. Also I wouldn’t be late for my first coaching session of the day. Most importantly, I wouldn’t need to worry about snow in my beard and my secret identity of being brown Santa exposed.


There’s a difference between react vs response isn’t there?


The former, react, is typically when we’re emotionally charged, spur of the moment, not always thinking, but ready to act.


The latter, respond, even if it’s within minutes or seconds, requires some thought, preparation, situational analysis, followed by execution or taking some course of action.


You  could end up doing the same thing, but the difference is showing up with intention and not by accident!


Some things to consider:

💥 What would your leadership presence at home or at work look like if you were to respond more than you react?

💥 What can you do to interrupt the pattern of reacting, so that you’re in more control over the decisions you make?

💥 How might your reaction or response affect other people involved in the situation?

💥 What’s at stake if you don’t manage  your response process better?


In other news…


Conquer Your Values

I have the pleasure and privilege to serve members and non-members of Dufferin Board of Trade, by facilitating a session on values.



As we continue to work towards our goals for 2023, let’s build an unshakable foundation for what lies ahead.


In this session, we will get to work by identifying your core values and highlighting how you can incorporate them in your personal and professional leadership.


Values is the inside work that needs to happen. It’s what helps you identify why you show up the way you do.


Your values define how you do everything in life. When you’re clear on your values and how they come to the surface whether in you personal, professional, community life or anything in between, you can then live with that much more intention. Not by accident.


Here’s what’s in store:

• Introductions

• Values exploration

• Unpacking your values in breakout groups

…and more!


Wednesday March 15
5 – 7pm
Boardroom @ The Dufferin Board of Trade
246372 Hockley Rd, Mono, ON L9W 6K4


I would love to see some of you there. If you’re interested, register and attend at no cost: CONQUER YOUR VALUES.


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