POW POW – A knockout session

POW POW – A knockout session

If you missed it .. Ooooooooooh … you missed a good one. By that I mean the CONQUER YOUR VALUES MASTERCLASS this weekend. Those that attended all found it extremely powerful.


👉🏽 Parm – you talkin ’bout values again braaaah – do you ever stop?


NOPE – because values is the inside work. It’s the “why” work. Values are important because every decision you make is based on your values. So isn’t it a good idea to know what those values are? To be clear on what those values mean?



If we’re talking about your team – values help us see the person behind the position. When you can honour the whole person how do you think they’ll show up at work? How do you think they’ll show up in life?


Participants that attended the masterclass were encouraged to look for insight, not just information. To consume content for insight – because even a slight shift in insight can dramatically change how you see the world, a problem or a goal. And DAMN did they share insight.


Some of the insights that stood out from the discussion include:

  • Alignment of values vs actualization
  • The relationship between values and culture
  • Simply knowing your values is not enough – finding was to take action on your values is vital
  • Do your core values change over time, or is it a matter of clarity, evolution and priorities as you move from one life stage to the next?




If you couldn’t make it – no worries. I highly recommend that you get clear on your top five core values. Here are two of the five questions that were discussed in breakout groups that I’d like to leave you with. Ask yourself these two questions for each of your five core values:

  1. What is the benefit of this value? How is this value an asset in your world?
  2. What is the blindspot/barrier of this value? How can you better manage this? 


CONQUER your potential!

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