Perfection DOES exist

Perfection DOES exist

💥 Have you ever felt the need to be perfect?

💥 Have you ever downplayed your abilities because they were not perfect and therefore you considered yourself not perfect?

💥 Is perfection real or a figment of our imagination?


This week I had two powerful coaching conversations and the topic of perfection came up in both. One was with a leader in municipal government, and the other in engineering/project management. 


We inherently know that perfection doesn’t exist. Because perfection means to have no flaws. We all got flaws – trust me 😏.


For the longest time I kept thinking, well what if perfection simply could be converted to “mastery or excellence.” This way we remove the word perfection from our language knowing the negative association with it. That served me well. Until these recent coaching conversations.


Now I’m realizing there’s a further evolved way of thinking about this. Keep perfection in our language but let’s change the meaning.


Knowing that nothing is ever perfect, or rather, some thing can only be considered perfect if it’s not being used.


💥 A perfect cup of tea? Wait until I drink it all. Then it’s not perfect, it’s gone!

💥 A perfect car? Wait until I take it out for a spin. You’ll need your tires changed!

💥 A perfect …


… you get what I’m saying.


When something is being used, or in action, it gives up the right to be perfect. It has to. Because when you’re in action, in motion, there’s always some course correction that needs to happen. You always have to reflect and correct. Failure does and will come up.


And remember, success lives in the land of failure. Yes lives in the land of no.


Imperfect action > perfect strategy – because perfect strategy means it’s sitting on the shelf not helping anyone!


What if we introduce the idea of failure, error, flaw right from the beginning?


“Parm, you’re doing it again … you’re turning into The Rambler.”


Here it is in one sentence:


Perfection = Mastery/Excellence x Margin of Error … where we introduce the idea of error right from the beginning … and both components are dynamic and ever-changing.


What if:

…As long as you do the work … you can be perfect.

…As long as you put in the effort, what you’re working on can be perfect.

…As long as you introduce margin of error, perfect follows.


Make mistakes, fail, reflect and correct …. and CONQUER your perfect self!


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