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That’s right, there is absolutely no new content in this email.

“So why I should I keep reading Parm?” – great question … here’s why…

In my last email I had asked two questions:

  • What are you doing to help yourself grow❓
  • What are you doing to help others grow❓

And while I may have initially asked them as rhetorical questions, now I’m asking them as non-rhetorical questions (is that a thing?) .🤨

Here’s the deal

Emails are great, but what’s always missing is two-way conversation. And here’s how we’re changing that. I want to hear from you. I’d like you to think about these two questions, and send me your answers. Long or short.

That’s right, hit REPLY and share you answers to the two questions:

For those that do, I’ll let you know how we can have an offline conversation, for me to learn more about the thinking behind your answers. That’s if you’re interested in speaking with me. I sure hope you are. 😁

That’s it – that’s the lesson this week.

Action steps

  1. Reply with your answers to the two questions above
  2. We chat and become friends

Until next time, CONQUER!

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