Motivation gets you started. Discipline keeps you going.

Motivation gets you started. Discipline keeps you going.

Today I want to touch on some macro topics that not only impact you in the workplace but at home, in the community, and in life in general.

Let’s start with motivation.

Motivation is nice – makes us feel good. It gives us that warm “fuzzy in my tummy” feeling. 🙂

I understand motivation is important, but remember that it will come and go. Discipline to follow the process is what will get us to grow and to hit those goals.

Motivation is the blast off! 🚀

Think of motivation as the blast off when a rocket is launched. At some point, the thrusters and power of that blast off will have less and less impact. That’s motivation.

What eventually happens? The rocket gets into orbit and starts breaking away from the earth’s gravitational pull. That’s discipline.
Motivation gets us started. Discipline keeps us going.

Daily discipline

So what does your daily discipline look like for family, work, health, fitness, business, education, faith or community?
In the workplace, maybe it means starting off your day reading industry-specific articles or blogs. Or perhaps scanning media outlets to see what the hot topic is in your field. Maybe it means blocking off time you need to work on projects – protecting your time.

That’s actually one of the biggest things I learned to do better when I was in my Master’s program. To protect my time. I had to – how else could I have survived a Master’s program and three family weddings, all in a two-year span. And if you know anything about South Asian/Indian weddings, there’s a lot that goes on. Fun times! 🙂 🎵
Maybe discipline at works means taking 5-7mins “mini breaks” in between tasks or meetings to stretch, breathe, clear your mind. This way, you’re ready to get after the next set of tasks. It’s all about being able to slow down to speed up. Mastering this is powerful!

Find ways to build discipline and habit into your daily routine so that you can max out each day. Because remember, motivation will get you started but discipline will keep you going.
I’ll talk more about discipline next week including what you can do when even discipline isn’t enough. Then what?

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