Me right beside you

Me right beside you

I’m not sure if you heard, but word on the street is that you’ll be hearing from more often – every week in fact. That’s right, emails right to your inbox, likely every Sunday.

Now, I said weekly. Definitely not daily. Unless you think I’m a ray of sunshine and want to hear from me every day? 🌞 Sometimes short emails. Other times longer ones. But the goal is always the same – to add massive value.

“So what Parm. What’s the big deal about these emails?”

Well, the best way I learn is through actionable steps. Things that I can apply in my life. And that’s what I will do my absolute best to deliver to you. You’ll always get practical and simple takeaways that you can apply for your professional development, personal growth and financial independence.

So let’s get started

Whether it’s fitness, professional, personal, family or education goals – everything is as close as we want it to be. Greatness isn’t achieved in one giant leap. It takes continuous effort.

I’m reminded that power is in the process. We’ll dig deeper into this next week, but for now, whatever it is that you’re working on, keep at it. If it’s truly important to you, rely on your discipline to finish the job. Whether it’s your personal business, acquiring new clients, developing a communications plan or finalizing employee work plans…stay persistent and consistent. And develop the ability to handle hurdles, because they’re guaranteed.


Success, promotions, influence or leadership doesn’t come to those that are the fastest on the smooth easy road. It all comes to those that jump over, get around or break through hurdles – travelling the tough road.

What hurdles are blocking your next move? How are you going to break through? Because you know you can!

One way I stay productive and break through my hurdles is by writing things down. Even if it’s as simple as writing daily goals on a post-it note and sticking it to a mirror. Putting reminders in your phone. Writing things down on a white board. Using your laptop to map out your thoughts and then your game plan. Whatever you need to do to move closer to your goals – do it!

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