MAC Attack

MAC Attack

I’m SUPER pumped to share that I’ve been selected, along with other extraordinary coaches, to participate in the ALL NEW McMaster Alumni Coaching Network!



As a group of coaches who are also MAC grads, we get to serve and support McMaster Alumni in conquering their personal growth and professional development. This ranges from career exploration, interview skills, leadership development, self-confidence, wellness & work and much more.


If you know anyone who has graduated from McMaster University, please share this with them, and let’s get coaching!


LESSON LEARNED: Aggressive Patience – this is my theme for 2024. As the Alumni Coaching Network was being developed by the amazing Alumni Office, Aggressive Patience was showing up huge for me.


  • When I was asked to provide information, schedule a meeting or anything related, I was on top of it! Boom – done! –> AGGRESSIVE
  • Because of the many competing priorities, the Alumni Office had to push this launch back. And that’s ok. –> PATIENCE  


Throughout all of this, I was reminded that it’s my responsibility to get after the action items, but I can’t force relationships and results. Those happen when they’re supposed to.


Resource of the Week

Here’s a fantastic resource that I found super valuable – “Time Genius – The Solution to Overwhelm“.


It’s all about how to manage yourself and your time better. Some key takeaways I got that I’m going to try and work on:

  • Instead of telling my self “I can’t/shouldn’t do X”, consider changing language to “I don’t do X” – example: I don’t do stress; I don’t do overwhelm
  • Do big scary tasks first
  • Move my phone into other room or put it on silent when tackling important tasks or in heavy thinking mode
  • Work in bursts, not burnout
  • Gamify tedious tasks 




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