Little Parm in OAC

Little Parm in OAC

Remember OAC (Grade 13)? Or am I dating myself? 😏


Remember Saturday morning language classes?


I took a Punjabi OAC class. My teacher was Mrs. Singh.


Fast forward a LOT OF YEARS, I’ve bumped into Mrs. Singh at community gatherings and events a few times. Most recently we talked about what I was doing in leader development, team engagement and coaching.


From there, the conversation turned to – “Hey Parm, I’m Vice-President at a High School in Brampton. Why don’t you come in and do some leadership training for a handful of our students?”


My response: “Hell yeah! Let’s go.” Well, more like “Yes Mrs. Singh, I would love to. Yes Mrs. Singh.” 🙂


I had an absolute blast serving students of David Suzuki Secondary School. Such a privilege and pleasure.

We focused on values exploration. And these young men had a chance to get very clear on their core values, who they are, what they stand for and the impact they hope to have in the world.


One of the highlights: A student fell asleep during the session. As he was waking up, I asked a question and turned to him. He dropped a killer answer. Some serious gold nuggets. And we all cheered our faces off.


Don’t think I’ve ever had someone fall asleep in my sessions before, only to wake up and give a better answer than the question that was asked!


If you have kids, nieces, nephews, younger cousins in their teenage years, consider having values-based conversations with them. This will encourage them to further identify who they are, who they’re aspiring to be, and how to close that gap.


Here are some questions to support this type of conversation:

  1. What is one of your core values?
  2. What does this value mean to you?
  3. What makes this value important?
  4. How do you/can you demonstrate or live out this value?
  5. What are potential barriers, drawbacks or blindspots of this value if not managed well? 




If you got kids…

If you know kids…

If you want them kids to step into their potential at a young age…






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