Leadership lessons from my dentist

Leadership lessons from my dentist

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure (and pain) of visiting my dentist for a cleaning. I’m THRILLED to be going back for a sequel: the never-ending filling pain. So much fun! 🤨

PHOTOS DETAILS: Sunglasses aren’t mine. They gave them to me. But this is how we dentist! 😎


During this particular visit, I was reminded of some leadership lessons – the power of connection and the intention it takes to build it.


Here’s the deal: Dr. Corazza initiated conversation and asked about the usual – family, work. Because he knows me and I’ve been going to him for many years, he transitioned to chatting about gym, working out and lifting weights. And turns out his wife used to own a gym!


Then, the dental hygienist started her work. She scolded me for not flossing enough .. in a fun, light-hearted way. And then proceeds to say “I’m probably the same age as your mother was, I’m allowed to tell you off if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.”


Cue BIG SMILE, which then caused further discomfort in my face as my mouth was being ripped open. (Slight exaggeration).


Here’s what I learned:

  • Leaders must model the behaviour they want from their teams
  • Intentional connection is the building block for influence and leadership
  • Finding common ground and injecting diversity of thought sparks engaging conversations. 


All of this CAN foster great trust, potentially leading to repeat business, successful project plans and launches, and healthy dental hygiene. 😁


And for the record, I don’t completely hate going to the dentist. Why? Because I get to engage in gym talk with Dr. Corazza and enjoy some light scolding by the dental hygienist. They’re a unique combo!


Conquer your potential!


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