Kindness through coaching

Kindness through coaching

I’ve shared before – my mom passed away from cancer on June 20, 2022. A day we’ll never forget.


One of the things that stands out most about the whole experience is when I had a chance to sit with mom as her health was starting to go down. I interviewed her. Somehow, she was still in full MOM MODE … 😊.


One of the questions I asked, “Mom, what does the world need most right now?”

One of her answers: “Kindness.”


In the spirit of kindness, I’m opening my calendar for the month of June to accommodate ONE PRO BONO coaching session per week! This is the best way I can give back and express kindness. And because I think coaching is the most powerful personal growth and professional development tool on the planet!



Simply comment with the word KINDNESS.


There are two ways we can spend our coaching time together:

  1. Performance coaching – focusing on one challenge, problem or goal.
  2. History of Your Future – laying the groundwork for your growth plan where we will identify your sense of ideal and then reverse engineer the process to land on the starting point.  

You get to choose. Both options are powerful!


DISCLAIMER: I don’t sell coaching services during this session. This is not a sales call. We’re getting to work so I ask that you have a quiet place to take the session and reliable internet service. A follow-up call may be discussed, if there’s value in it.


If there are more requests than I can handle, keeping in mind workload capacity and burn out, we may convert this into a group experience.


Comment with the word KINDNESS, and I’ll coach my face off to serve and support.




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