I’m not a professor

I’m not a professor

I’m not a professor .. but I’ve coached one.

I had the pleasure of coaching a leader in the education sector recently.

As I reflect back on the conversation, I’d like to share some insights – a combination of what we discussed in the coaching session … and … what I continue to learn and observe in leader development, team building and coaching.

(This pic is the closest I’ll get to being a proff … for now 😁)

Here are some ways to conquer your potential in your personal and professional leadership:

  1. Master having difficult conversations – get comfortable being uncomfortable
  2. Build capacity through time management – time block and protect your calendar
  3. Do the unsexy stuff – sometimes doing the mundane and not-so-fun tasks keeps you grounded
  4. Develop your people skills – you build strong connection when you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, family or community
  5. Don’t do more, do what matters –  If you enjoy what you do and are fully complete at the end of the day, you don’t need a mental escape.  

The last one hits hard. It’s not about doing more; it’s about doing what truly fires you up. What fires ME up is poutine and pro wrestling – that’s a conversation for another day!

💥 How can you apply or live out any one of these insights?

It’s truly a privilege to do what I do. To be a trusted advisor, a talking partner, an accountability partner to leaders in corporate, non-profit, education or community.


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