From pizza to values

From pizza to values

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Miranda from The Art of Storytelling. We first met when I was briefly featured in travel & tourism b-roll. I, and a good buddy of mine, had amazing pizza while Miranda’s team captured some great moments.


This time, our discussion focused on why it’s important for organizations to spend time on values, mission and vision. A lil somthin’ somthin’ I know about 😜.


Watch and listen here:


Some things we touched on:


Q: Tell me about core values and why it’s important to understand your core values, mission, and vision?

A: Individual level: every decision you make (good, bad or indifferent) is based on your values. It’s incredibly important to know your core values, define the language to explain them and identify how you can live and lead with more alignment to those values. This helps you show up with more intention and focus, and not on accident.

A: Teams/Organizations: Values, mission and vision is important as it provides purpose, guides decision-making, shapes culture, aligns stakeholders, facilitates goal-setting, supports differentiation, and enhances employee engagement. This helps the entire team work from the same playbook.


Q: What happens if you don’t have a clear picture of your core values, mission and mission?

A: There’s a greater chance you’ll see problems with team engagement, strategic forward progression, spending time on tasks or projects that don’t align to where your team or organization is headed. This also includes lack of direction because teams may struggle to align projects, initiatives, contracts and make decisions that are in line with the overall goals of the organization.


Q: I noticed in your trainings, one topic is ‘Everyone communicates, few connect’ can you tell us more about that?

A: This is all about how to build connection which is the first building block of leadership. If you can’t connect with your people, what’s the chance you’ll have influence or leadership with them? We unpack different ways to intentionally connect whether with other individuals, small groups or large audiences. One of the ways to connect is through common ground. This is where you intentionally identify similarities. From there bringing in diversity of thought at the right time is also key.


Values, mission and vision are more than fancy words painted in your lobby. They serve as a framework for effective decision-making. If you’d like to learn more about how to structure a values, mission and vision experience for your organization and teams … or even for yourself, LET’S TALK!




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