Five qualities of successful presidents

Five qualities of successful presidents

Presidential historian Robert Dallek says that successful presidents have five skills and qualities that help them achieve things that other people typically don’t. We can expand that from Presidents to leaders in general. And why not extend that to include you and I? After all, we’re all leaders in some way.
Those five things are:

  • vision
  • pragmatism
  • consensus building
  • charisma
  • trustworthiness

Know your vision

Let’s take one of these qualities – vision. What vision would you like to set for yourself? It could be a vision for your personal life, professional life, family, community, anything.

(my fellow Marvel nerds will understand this image)

Generally speaking vision is a futuristic statement where you’re answering the question – what do you want to be known for/as – what you would like to achieve. Mission is how you’re going to achieve that. Those are very basic definitions, but you get the idea.
For example, my vision has something to do with working with high achievers and aspiring leaders to further develop their leadership presence, and their ability to nurture powerful connections with colleagues, customers and clients.

What I’d like you to do is jot down some points that could help you develop your own personal/professional vision statement. Or you can actually develop an actual vision statement. Once you’ve done that, keep it handy – visible – as a daily reminder to what you’re working towards.
It doesn’t just stop there – I’m curious to learn what your vision is, or at least some points that you will consider when creating your own vision statement. Reply back to this email and let me know.
 Vision alone isn’t enough
Keep in mind that just having a vision isn’t enough. You have to actively pursue living your vision. And the only way for that to happen is intentional and focused daily discipline. How are your daily or weekly actions supporting your vision?

Until next time, conquer your leadership potential!

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