Fail forward

Fail forward

I learned the concept of “fail forward” from someone which I’d like to share with you.

Just as imposter syndrome can be indication that you’re moving towards growth, failure can be indication that you’re moving from your comfort zone to your growth zone.

Failure is normal, realistic and guaranteed.

So, if you do fail, lose or get knocked down – that’s GREAT! Take some time before getting back up.

Take the time to reflect and correct so that when you do get up, you’re different. Because at that point, if you’re faced with a similar problem that knocked you down or caused you to fail, you’ll be able to tackle it now with intention and experience. The result? Breaking through the hurdle.

Failing forward in real time

Thinking back, this showed up for me when I started teaching new leadership content in a group setting earlier this year, which seems like a life time ago. The first few times my delivery was “clunky” and I just wasn’t vibing with the material.

After receiving feedback, noting down what I needed to work on, and actually making the changes …. along with more practice and preparation, I can now teach that same material and be in a state of flow. The result? Delivering maximum value.

The bottom line is, don’t let failure go to waste.

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