Executive Leadership Coaching Insights

Executive Leadership Coaching Insights

Last year I started working with a friend in a coaching capacity. He wanted to focus on personal growth so we developed a growth plan to measure against and he worked his butt off!


About four months in it seemed like he had a good handle on the goals he had set. I’ve shared this with him already – the types of conversations he and I were having at the beginning of our coaching relationships vs. towards the end were on completely different levels. It’s as if I was talking to a different person!


We then turned our attention to professional development. Interestingly enough he wanted to take on a project in the U.S. so we strategized how to make this happen.


He’s now in the U.S., enjoying the project and living in his new apartment 🙂.



Executive Coaching Alliance

After completing a 6-month personal growth coaching program, he’s now in a 6-month executive leadership coaching program. He’s ready to take his career and leadership competencies to the next level.


We’re using a ‘learning lab’ model, where a learning tool/resource is assigned and before each coaching conversation he reads a chapter. We then use that chapter to coach for insight and action.


Here are some recent insights and action items:


  • INSIGHT: The value of three questions to ask myself
    ACTION: On a weekly basis ask myself: How am I investing in myself? How do I show I’m genuinely interested in others? In what ways am I adding value to my team? 
  • INSIGHT: Identifying questions to ask my team
    ACTION: Keep these questions handy when in conversation with my team: What do you love about your work? What did you learn? What do I need to know? What do I need to communicate? 
  • INSIGHT: The power of understanding three levels of listening: Level One: Internal Listening (Ex. asking for directions); Level Two: Focused Listening (Ex. listening to words, tone and non-verbal cues, being aware of self/emotional intelligence); Level Three: Global Listening (Ex. taking into account the environment, being able to read the room – adjust behaviour accordingly)
    ACTION: Identify what I need to do to move up one level, depending on the situation and my audience. 


Which set of insights and actions resonate with you? How can you operationlize this in how you live and lead?


Remember, you’re capable of more than you can imagine! And when you realize what you’re capable of and start working on making that a reality, DAMN, that’s scary good 😁.




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