Does your dream scare you?

Does your dream scare you?

Harneak and I first connected during an online business expo. He was shy, timid, unsure about what he wanted to do. And dare I say, not convinced of the value he had to offer. He was helping others achieve their goals, but not focusing on what HE wanted – his desires.


Through a powerful coaching conversation and a framework I call “History of Your Future“, Harneak was able to get clear on his vision. Which meant the strategy became a little less overwhelming.


We don’t need anything handed to us. But we’ll take less overwhelming.


From there Harneak studied the weekly blogs/emails I share. And began taking action on designing his ideal state.


Fast forward after several other conversations with Harneak, he now operates his own photography and videography business, HSB VISUALZ, he’s actively involved in the community, and he recently hooked me up with some workout supplements which has re-ignited my gym routine! 😁


💥 How long did all this take? LESS THAN ONE YEAR – c’mon now! That’s what we do!


Here’s what Harneak has to share about his growth:



👉🏽 If your dream doesn’t scare you just a little, maybe it’s not big enough. And when your dream IS big enough, the details don’t matter!


So, I encourage you ….




I dare you to …


build, create, CONQUER!


One-on-one coaching changes the trajectory of careers and lives. If this is something you’re looking for, LET’S TALK!

DISCLAIMER: This only works when you put in the work!


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