Coaching insights from a healthcare leader

Coaching insights from a healthcare leader

I had the privilege of coaching a healthcare leader recently, with over 10 years experience. We mainly focused on her Clifton Strengths assessment – a game-changer for intentional leadership and peak performance. Let’s chat if you’d like to learn more!


Some insights she shared (below) are universal and transferable.


Empathy builds trust

In an environment where emotions often run high, taking the time to understand and walk side-by-side with another allows us to connect on a personal level. This enables us to honour the person behind the position, which fosters greater trust.


Feedback should be specific not generic

Precision and timely feedback allows for clearer communication. However, having a culture of regular feedback is crucial to reinforce positive behaviours and continuous growth. Maybe this means holding space during 1:1 meetings to offer feedback so that it becomes routine.


Input = quilt of experience

Input and lessons learned are like a “quilt woven from the fabric of experience.” Being open to different experiences and even looking at the routine ones from a slightly different angle contributes to a diverse and rich perspective. This allows you to then solve bigger and more complex problems because you have more in your toolbox to pull from.


💡 I’m curious, which one of the above lands for you the most?


Conquer your potential!


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