Coaching in a Tesla

Coaching in a Tesla

I’m not a Tesla guy. I’m more of a Jeep Wrangler guy. But coaching a client while she was in her Tesla, and seeing myself on screen, is pretty damn cool!


This person is a leader. And to ensure privacy and discretion, let’s say she’s in the technology sector.


We’ve had some powerful and intentional coaching sessions. One of those sessions she had to take in her Tesla because of family responsibilities. I applaud her willingness not to cancel!


Here are some quick takeaways from one of our coaching experiences. Maybe something lands for you:


Some things to help you achieve your sense of ideal

  • Be honest with self about letting go of fear and failure
  • Self-care: fun activities, eating healthy, sleeping on-time, finishing work on-time, white space in calendar, daily quiet time/reflection
  • More time for faith
  • Set clear boundaries and enforce them
  • Spend less time with people that don’t serve my growth
  • It’s ok to say no
  • Drive towards excellence, not perfection. PLOT TWIST – Read more about how perfection DOES exist: PERFECTION DOES EXIST
  • Find people who want to be in my ‘Circle of Love’
  • Accept without having to control everything
  • Evolve relationship with money 

There has to be at least one idea that lands for you. Which one is it?




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