Calling out vs Calling in

Calling out vs Calling in

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of organizing a leadership conference, along with the rest of the amazing team and facilitators. We had over 250 healthcare leaders attend for a day of inspiration, growth and laughter.


Our emcees and special guest parking announcer stole part of the show!



I was heavily involved in developing part of the content/curriculum for the day, alongside some very inspiring, intelligent and intentional leaders. What still stands out for me is notion of CALLING OUT vs. CALLING IN.


We explored the power of confronting behavior or statements publicly (CALLING OUT) and addressing issues privately with empathy and education (CALLING IN).


As leaders, recognizing when to employ each approach is crucial. Some situations may warrant an assertive stance to address a broader audience or make a strong statement (CALLING OUT), while others will benefit from a more private and educational approach (CALLING IN).


Sometimes, both approaches might be needed for a single incident. For example, if an off-handed comment is made about a certain group of people, you may need to CALL OUT the poor behaviour/comment. And then CALL IN the person who made the comment for a private conversation.


Keep in mind, it’s about addressing the behavior openly (CALL OUT) while inviting the individual for a private conversation (CALL IN). And having a sense of situational awareness is key – knowing who the players are around the table, and deciding which approach makes the most sense. 


Consider this as you continue to lead with intention and on purpose.




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