Call yourself out

Call yourself out

Last week I onboarded two new coaching clients.


One person has been in law enforcement for over 10 years and we’re kicking off with values. He had been ‘trying’ to find the time to get started with coaching. The week prior to starting I messaged him, saying something to the effect of …


…”I know you’re busy, and I know you really want to start. I’m booking you in for this Sunday! Let’s go!”

On our call, he thanked me for calling him on his bull**it in regards to dodging my initial invitations to start, and for booking our first session. His words, not mine 🙂.

He also has a lot going on right now so I can appreciate where he’s coming from. And what a powerful coaching conversation we had. He showed up with full focus and ready to get to work! We had a big laugh when he thanked me for calling him out.

I was able to take this approach because I’ve known him for years. Plus we’ve trained martial arts together. There’s a different bond when you’ve punched each other in the face during sparring sessions … 😁.


I share this to encourage you to call yourself out on your bull**it. We all need to from time to time. I’ve had to do the same – call myself out on my own bull**it. My coach has also called me out especially when he knew I was capable of more.



💥 What story are you telling yourself that’s stopping you from showing up better for your family?


💥 What self-limiting beliefs are getting in the way of you performing at a more optimal level?






💥 How can you remind yourself to lead your team with more empathy and kindness?



We all have thoughts that don’t serve us. Don’t let you get in your own way!


CONQUER your potential!

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