Back to Back

Back to Back

Last week I had two days of back to back facilitation.


First was a half day with municipal government leaders – board members of AMCTO.


We spent a fair amount of time unpacking values and the impact on leadership, landed on a leadership vision statement for each participant and talked through diversity, equity and inclusion/unconscious bias – ending off with how to lean on values to break down barriers.

The second was a full day with aspiring leaders in healthcare. Values was on the agenda, along with emotional intelligence and much more.


The highlight of each day – sharing lessons I learned from my mom as her health was deteriorating due to cancer earlier this year. And seeing the look of emotion and insight on participants’ faces.


Lessons of KINDNESS and COURAGE.


I’m exhausted but man oh man is my cup full! Going to enjoy this feeling for a couple of days. Humbled and blessed to do what I do. And speaking of values…


Conquer your values in 2023

I ‘m hosting a complimentary training on December 10, 10am-12, called CONQUER YOUR VALUES IN 2023.


This training is for us to end the year strong and to set ourselves up for success in 2023.

We’re going to spend most of our time identifying our core values. The reason why this is important is because every decision you make is based on your values. So it’s extremely beneficial to know what those core values are.


From there we’ll discuss how we can lean on values better for personal growth and professional development. That means in smaller breakout groups we’re going to talk about how we can live and lead better from our core values.


There will be a chance for participants to network with each other in a different way than what you typically experience – keeping in mind, you’re always one connection away from an explosion or new opportunity. So you never know where conversations may lead.


Hope to see you there – please sign up here – limited spots: CONQUER YOUR VALUES IN 2023.


CONQUER your potential!


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