Ask me anything

Ask me anything

A few weeks ago I was talking about lessons I learned about trust from the former Governor General, The Right Honourable David Johnston.


If you missed it, check it out here: Lessons about trust.


One of the concepts was LISTEN FIRST.

Related to this is the art of asking questions. Asking questions and actively listening allows you to walk side-by-side with the person you’re in conversation with. It allows you to slow down so that you have time and space to understand what the other person is saying.


Keep in mind, we don’t do anything alone. Everybody needs somebody sometimes! And you don’t have all the answers. Asking questions is a strong sign of confidence. Because for some it takes courage to ask questions.


Ever heard of a “self-made millionaire”? That’s GARBAGE! That person didn’t do it completely on their own – they had help. Sure they might have been the driving force. But everyone gets help.


I can’t tell you how many people I’ve asked questions of as it relates to growing a business, leadership development, coaching, sales, client acquisitions. Some of the answers have reaffirmed what I already knew which helped build confidence and certainty. Other answers offered new insight.


Even a one degree shift in insight can drastically change how you see your world, a problem or a goal. That’s how powerful insight can be.


So I invite you to ask me! Anything related to what I do, how I serve people, leadership development, team building, coaching, peak performance, challenges you’re having with your team, obstacles you’re facing in your personal life.


“The quality of the questions we ask determines the quality of the answers we get.” – Paul Martinelli.



In other news …


CONQUER your potential!


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