A leadership and life function

A leadership and life function

Asking questions is a leadership and life function!


I recently shared this podcast (The Value of Asking Questions) with members of a private training – a multi-week mastermind group I’m facilitating for Humber College.


Together we’re unpacking the power of asking questions of others and yourself. We’ve had some great conversations related to personal growth and professional development … personal and professional leadership.



In this podcast episode (The Value of Asking Questions), the topic of asking questions is discussed. And why is this important? Cultivating a mindset of asking questions is not only a leadership function, but a life function.


Asking questions allows you to walk side-by-side with the person answering. This is important because everyone wants to be spoken with, not talked at. Ultimately, this builds, connection which leads to influence and leadership. Oh, so good!


Asking questions and listening to others also builds trust. And who doesn’t need more trust with their people? Keep in mind, there’s a difference between asking questions vs. interrogating … 😏. There ought to be a natural/conversational back-and-forth.


The person that asks the questions controls the conversation.


Coaching and asking questions

Coaching is all about asking questions. The right questions at the right time is a game changer in discovering new insight and perspective!


I share this piece with you because I had asked the right questions at the right time of this new coaching client a few months back. When I started working with this new coaching client, within a 24-hour period he shared almost the same feedback … twice.  I have to admit, it made me pause and acknowledge how much of a privilege it is to do the work I do.

When you hear comments during the coaching session such as: “I didn’t even feel like I was in a coaching conversation. I felt like I was speaking with a friend.” … how can you NOT be fired up all the time about this work? It’s because I asked the right questions at the right time which invited this person to discover new insight and perspective!



💥What’s a recent question that someone’s asked, resulting in an AHAA moment for you?

Better yet…

💥What’s a question that’s someone’s asked, resulting in you saying or thinking … HMMMM? Perhaps much more powerful.


CONQUER your questioning!

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