A culture of purpose: mission, vision and values

A culture of purpose: mission, vision and values

Last week I had the privilege of serving over 20 enabling healthcare leaders. We first started the day with human BINGO and then together we landed on options for team values along with mission and vision statement suggestions.


FUN FACT: I can’t confirm or deny that a Macho Man Randy Savage impression was used. No video or photo evidence exists. 😏


As I watched, I saw how much joy and excitement there was in the air – coming together with purpose. Hugs, high fives and laughter were felt, heard and seen throughout the day. As much as many of us enjoy and appreciate working virtually, being in-person once in a while, for a specific reason, can’t be matched.



Whether you’re considering this for your organization, division or team, this type of group work requires transparency, honesty, no judgement and courage for all participants to feel as if they have an opportunity to be involved.


This culture has to be set at the top. Whoever is the most senior person in the room is responsible for setting the tone. The most senior leader in the room also has to be involved in the conversation and not necessarily leading it.


The best leaders I’ve worked with are those that were in the trenches with me. Shoulder to shoulder.


Mission, vision, and values work is important as it provides purpose, guides decision-making, shapes culture, aligns stakeholders, facilitates goal setting, supports differentiation, and enhances employee engagement.


Four things to keep in mind when doing mission, vision and values work:

  1. Include various divisions, departments and levels of employee.
  2. Like with personal values, there may be core and aspirational values to consider.
  3. Start with values and incorporate them into mission and vision statements as needed.
  4. This work won’t likely be finalized in one sitting. Consider a temporary working group to revisit all ideas and help land on final versions. 


In other news…


Client appreciation

It’s messages like these that make me feel warm in my tum tum.


The reason why executive leadership coaching is working for this person is because he’s putting in the work! The amount he’s grown and the leadership confidence he’s showing has come only through hard work.


It’s a pleasure and a privilege to serve people in this way.



Conquer your potential!


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