14hrs of driving – one powerful weekend

14hrs of driving – one powerful weekend


A few months ago I drove 14hrs in a span of four days to serve two different municipal government teams.


Long drives. Big impact!

One of the highlights was team shirts that were made for all participants that read “CONQUER YOUR POTENTIAL.” Too good!


Here’s feedback that some people noted:

“Working with others and seeing how our different sets of core values determined our leadership styles was most valuable. It was interesting to see what people valued in comparison to their leadership styles.”


“I think clarifying my core values and framing a leadership vision statement was of most value to me.”


“Parm was excellent at engaging the crowd. It was very enjoyable.”

…C’mon now … you got me blushing over here. 😁


For each team we covered:

  1. Values-Based Leader Development
  2. Leadership Game


What I’m super pumped about with these two engagements is a Playbook that was delivered to each team after the training experience. This Playbook highlights strategies and tactics that can be implemented RIGHT AWAY to shift team engagement, communication, collaboration and more.


This is not a high-level strategy document that’s meant to sit on the shelf. But rather practical steps to elevate leadership and team collaboration.



Some of the action items from the Playbook include:

  • Schedule regular “Leadership in Action” sessions where leaders work side by side with team members.
  • Consider integrating an “Empathy Moment of the Week”, where leaders first share some thing vulnerable and transparent with their teams. In turn staff to be asked to do the same (if appropriate).
  • Rotate team members attending meetings across departments for cross-functional understanding. 

I share all of this this not to impress .. That’s not my jam. But rather to impress upon … the right type of training and development experience can drastically change behaviour, increase collaboration, improve engagement and build stronger culture.


This in turn impacts performance and productivity, WITHOUT throwing more work at people’s faces!


Let’s continue to re-think how we work together and contribute individually. So that we can do so with more intention and on purpose, not on accident!




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